What is Autoscale?

Autoscale is the first yield optimizer on MultiversX. With Autoscale, you can effortlessly earn better interest on your cryptos and maximize your yield, all without lifting a finger. Our team develops a series of cutting-edge strategies for different assets, including auto-compounding for popular cryptos. By depositing your funds in our secure vaults, our smart contract-enforced strategies do all the heavy lifting for you. Thanks to Autoscale's yield optimizer, you can save time, earn better yield and track your investments, all in an intuitive interface. Plus, by leveraging the MultiversX DeFi ecosystem, we're constantly building new products and strategies on top of the latest yield opportunities. Wherever there's yield to be found, Autoscale is there to help you take advantage of it.

Our mission

Decentralized finance is undoubtedly a significant part of the future of finance. However, for many people, it remains nothing more than an unattainable dream. The current user experience is anything but user-friendly, with complex wallets, jargon-filled terminology, and a steep learning curve that can leave even the most tech-savvy individuals scratching their heads in confusion. At Autoscale, we're on a mission to change a part of this. We focus all our efforts to develop powerful yield products in decentralized finance and accompany them with a seamless user experience that makes it easy and intuitive for anyone to access the benefits of DeFi. We believe in a decentralized and autonomous future of finance, where individuals have complete control over their money and assets without intermediaries and we want to be part of this future by offering user-friendly products and interfaces that empower individuals to participate in it without requiring high technical knowledge or relying on gatekeepers.

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