Create a Wallet

To get started on Autoscale, you need to set up a wallet that supports the MultiversX network. In decentralized finance, you have to use a non-custodial wallet - which means that you really own your assets, the wallet is managed only by you.

When you're setting up a wallet, make sure to:

  • Never share your recovery phrase with anyone other than your wallet app (we'll never ask your recovery phase)

  • Be wary of fake websites, giveaways, or other malicious acts.

  • Safely back up your recovery phrase (and don't loose it)

  • Follow the setup guide carefully


xPortal is a mobile application that allows users to easily manage their assets and access decentralized applications on the MultiversX network. With over 1 million users, xPortal is a popular choice for those looking to play with the MultiversX ecosystem.

MultiversX DeFi Wallet

MultiversX DeFi Wallet is a secure web-browser extension that enables users to easily use decentralized applications on the MultiversX network. Built by the MultiversX core team, the wallet offers multiple wallet creation and import options, making it easy to manage your assets across the network.

Both xPortal and MultiversX DeFi Wallet are compatible with the MultiversX ecosystem, allowing users to import and manage their assets across both platforms. However, while xPortal supports only one wallet per account, MultiversX DeFi Wallet allows users to create and manage multiple wallets from within the web extension.

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